Thursday, August 18, 2005

Jon's First Stunt

Jon will be doing his first stunt on Friday. He will be doubling a new character this season. He will be running down a hill, tripping and falling. It is a very good first stunt. Jon has been so busy doing night shoots (5pm - 5am) this week so as you may have noticed he hasn't posted to his blog, so I thought I would share what he is up to. I know he will do great.

I fly out to Honolulu today for my hair appointment at 2:30 Hawaii time. I will post pictures tonight or tomorrow morning of my new hair color. Kind of scary...


Riley's mom and dad said...

Hey Heather.....sounds like you guys are having a blast!!! Mary said you were gonna be doing your first stunt soon have you done it yet?? You have to let us know how it goes!!! Can't wait to see your hair picture! Thanks for keeping us posted, you were missed at the Yerxa weekely get-together!

Anonymous said...

Jon you need to update your blog and tell us all about your first stunt!
Cousin Amy
PS Abram miss you.