Friday, August 05, 2005

Last post from Washington

Well, today is my last day in the office. On Tuesday I will be working from Kona, Hawaii. I was up very late last night finishing packing and cleaning. Today is our last day in the cottage so I have to have everything out tonight.

Yesterday Jon headed to Las Vegas for his buddies bachelor party and his last horrah with his friends before living 6,000 miles away from them. He wanted to go so bad and I am very happy he was able to go. However, I am left to finish the move by myself, well and the kitties are a big help too.

This weekend I am headed to my mom's house to say goodbye to a lot of my family who will be there working on the addition to her house. On Sunday Riley and Mary are having a little going away party for us at there place, then on Monday we fly off. I am getting very excited and anxious to just get there. I am tired of eatting with plastic silverware, on paper plates, and sleeping on the floor. Stay tuned, next post with be from Hawaii!

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