Sunday, August 28, 2005

My first Baby Luau

On Saturday we went to a baby luau. In the Hawaiian culture, when a baby turns one it is traditional for the family to have a luau from the baby. As you can imagine it was on the beach. I felt like I was in another country. It was really interesting. The Hawaiian culture is very unique. For example, when you meet someone you don't shake their hand you hug them. This took me a bit to get use to and to get use to hugging sweaty guys. The Hawaiian people are very nice and much like my experience with my Italian in laws they are a bit cautious at first but once you are in, you are family.

That morning, the men actually went spear fishing to gather meat for the party. They then cleaned the fish by scrapping the scales off and then deep fried the fish right there on the beach. It was absolutely fascinating and unlike anything I have ever seen. After lunch the men busted out their ukuleles and began singing on the beach. It was just like the movies. I wanted to jump up and begin Hula dancing but then remembered I didn't know how to hula dance.

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