Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm a Burnette!!

Well, I got my hair done today as you can see. I think I like being a blonde better. I get kinda scared when I look in the mirror. I hope it grows on me because I am not a huge fan. I think it makes me look very pale. Oh well, that is show biz.


Rita said...

I think it looks fine. You don't look as pale as you did on the cell phone picture. I think with the right makeup you will come to like it. Give it some time.
Can you post some pictures of your Dad and Step Mom and the area where you are living?
Jersey Mom

Riley's mom and dad said...

Hey Heather you look great!!! And about the pale thing you live in Hawaii for goodness sakes it shouldn't take long to take care of that problem...goodluck on your first stunt..we are praying for you guys,luv the Smiths

Anonymous said...

You look Great! It's amazing how much you are starting to look like Eve, if you haven't noticed she's not so tan on the show yet so your in charcter. Hope your having a great time. We miss you.
Cousin Amy

Anonymous said...

I love your hair. It's so shiny and curly. You really do look more like Eve. Hope you guys are enjoying the sun and big screen! Miss you.
Tonia and Chris

Anonymous said...

your hair rocks! lost rocks! woo
-Cousin Megan