Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My first stunt

I did my first stunt on Monday. It couldn't have gone better. I had to fall 12 feet (I can't give more detail than that). I only had to do it once and at the end of the stunt everyone in the cast and crew applauded and the girl I was doubling gave me a high 5. It was the best feeling because I knew I nailed it. It felt like I was competing in gymnastics again but the judge was the director. I love the excitement. I just can't wait to do another. The funny part is I actually got paid for it!

I think the weirdest part was going through hair and make up. I got my skin pained darker, fake cuts and scraps drawn on my body, my hair spray painted black and dirt rubbed on me to make me look dirty. It felt a little like Halloween. I think at one time I had 7 hair and make up people who surrounded me to make sure I looked the part. I felt like a movie star. It was so strange. I am not sure when my next stunt will be but I just can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Well it sounds like your hooked! I can’t believe you two are doing stunts on my favorite show, know there is even more reason to watch. We can’t wait for the season to start and watch you guys at work. Congrats on your first stunt.
Cousin Amy

Anonymous said...

i love your hair, you foxy stunt lady, you! i can't believe how long and curly and dark it is. i know you like it straight and blonde, but i honestly think this looks great. and it must be easier to take care of. i'm sure if you had your way there'd be some blonde highlights, but you are officially having to "look the part." i am so proud! give jon hugs for me. luv darce